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Welcome! To the quaint, historic village of Castroville.
With the beautiful Medina River winding it's way through out the village Castroville presents one of the most enchanting destinations in all of Texas that you'll experience and will leave you with fond, lasting memories. Castroville is one of the most historic villages in all Texas and as you stroll down our streets you'll think you're walking in living history.

Founded in 1844 by Henri Castro it was originally settled by immigrants from the Alsace region of France. And, for that reason, is known as, "The Little Alsace of Texas." While a small village of just over 3,000 it boasts 96 homes, known as Settlement or Pioneer homes, and structures dating from 1844 to 1920. Come and walk through the living history that's Castroville.

historic building
The Landmark Inn
State Historic Site – 1849

Originally constructed as a way station for people traveling through Texas. In 1853 it was purchased by the Vance family and became the Vance Hotel. A grist mill was constructed on land purchased from the Vance family. In 1899 Joseph Courand added a steam powered gin and converted the mill to generate electricity in 1927. New owner Jordan T. Lawler renamed it the Landmark Inn. Today it serves not only as a historic site but as a Bed & Breakfast.
402 Florence St.
historic building
The Steinbach Haus
A gift to the people of Castroville from the people of the Alsace region of France where many of the immigrants arrived from. Originally built, by the Steinbach family, between 1618 and 1648, it stood in the village of Wahlbach, France. It was disassembled, shipped to Castroville and in 1998 and completed in 2002, with the assistance of craftsmen from Alsace, at its present location. It serves as Castroville's Visitors Center.
100 Karm St.
historic building
The Burger House – 1844
This small Alsatian Cottage is considered the oldest home in Castroville. Originally it was used as a residence by workmen while building other homes. The Burger House is on the Historic Walking tour.
502 Florence St.
historic building
The Moye Center – 1873
Owned by The Sisters of Divine Providence, in 1873 it was their first convent and first mother-house of the CDP For 21 years, starting in 1938, it became a convent and since 1985 has served as a retreat center.
600 London St.
historic building
St. Louis Catholic Church – 1870
One of the more interesting churches in Texas, local masons and carpenters constructed the church using native limestone and hand-hewn cyress under the direction of parish pastor Rev. Peter Richard, a native of Loire, France. In 1908 stunning stained-glass windows were added.
1306 Angelo St.
historic building
The A.H. Tondre House – 1911
One of the most interesting houses, it was ordered from Sears, Roebuck and Co. for $5,000. Shipped by rail it was assembled by local carpenters. It is on the Historic Walking Tour.​
509 Florence St.
historic building
Castroville City Hall – 1854
Built along the old road to San Antonio with 18-inch thick walls of native limestone, it first served as the Medina County Courthouse and then the public school.
1209 Fiorella St.
historic building
Biry Haus
The Biry Haus, built in 1850 is the site of The Castro Colonies Living History Center.
The intention is to re-create life in what’s a classic example of what’s called a settlement house. The restored stone house maintains its original character and is the only historic Castroville home open to the public. The interior is a recreation of the furnishings typical of that period with many authentic antiques and furniture prevalent of that time. Visitors will be fascinated by the inter-active displays that bring it’s history to life.
309 Paris Street
Open Saturday 10 to 4pm, Sunday 1 to 4pm, Or by request
For information call Mary King 210-854-9794

Take a walk through history.
One of the best ways to experience Castroville's storied past is by taking our Historic Walking Tour to view more than 70 homes and structures built between 1844 and 1920. A free map with descriptions of each can be obtained at the Steinbach Haus Visitor's Center or the Castroville Area Chamber of Commerce.
historic building

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